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What will publishing look like 5 yrs from now? Today, people can write a book, instaprint online, and start selling the book right out of the trunk of their car.

But that’s the catch, it’s the trunk of their car.



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so i was googling today and “verizon agreement” got less than 3000 hits


veri-on :(

what does that say about verizon?

Oh: leave a comment and let me know how many hits you got.

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Artificiali -> a technical term to describe and Oxford Moron. aka Oxi-moron.


Artifiliali stems from Artificial I. Or Artificial Intellegence. Now, AI is either Artificial. Or Intellegent.

How? Artificial means not real. and Intellegent IS real.

Therefore. AI is an oxi-moron. Artificial Intellegence is not a reality. AI is a “suchi-kick”

Or as I have said before… “an unintentional puni”



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“what can be said? what can be done”

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As promised, this is me keeping you in the loop.

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I know… I don’t have many cool friends.

Just kidding. These are just the only friend’s blogs that I know about. If you have one, send me an email so I can put a link up.

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Woo Hoo! I’ve got a job interview today :)

Part of going to college is paying for college. And part of paying for college is getting a job and making it through an interview. I found a good website that talks about Job Interviews.

SoYouWanna ace and interview. (http://www.soyouwanna.com/site/syws/aceinterview/aceinterview4.html)


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