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One of our New Heart Church missionaries spoke for 10 minutes in church today and she shared some very important and insightful things about missionary work.

1. Our most important thing to “do” while on the mission field is just being a Christian.

2. You don’t become super spiritual just by going on the mission field; you’re still the same person, just in a different country.

3. Prayer is the only thing that really works.

4. Unity is essential – and if you’re going to have unity it’s going to take work and a release of your idealisms.

5. I may be in another country as a missionary, but we are the missionary team.

(#1 is my favorite)

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I think I’m going to start up a weekly “Morning Thoughts” post. Simply put, it will be my thoughts (or confusions) on some topic or issue that was brought up during my morning church service at New Heart Community Church.


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