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Artificiali -> a technical term to describe and Oxford Moron. aka Oxi-moron.


Artifiliali stems from Artificial I. Or Artificial Intellegence. Now, AI is either Artificial. Or Intellegent.

How? Artificial means not real. and Intellegent IS real.

Therefore. AI is an oxi-moron. Artificial Intellegence is not a reality. AI is a “suchi-kick”

Or as I have said before… “an unintentional puni”




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As promised, this is me keeping you in the loop.

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That means I’m leaving.

If you’ve been reading my blog lately you’ve probably realized this: there is nothing to read. Yes, theCollegeKid is going on vacation indefinitely. I am currently undertaking another project that requires much of my time and energy. And if all pans out, it should be well worth the effort.

What is it? Well, lets just say it involves a bus, a road trip, a business, an adventure with friends, a way to pay for college, and one heck of a great idea.

And of course a blog!

Thanks for reading, and I’ll be sure to keep you in the loop.

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Here at Biola University there is a small handful of exceptionally cool professors, whose names will withheld as to not arouse the jealousy of the “not quite as cool as the cool professors” professors.

The 3 primary factors in achieving such superior status on campus are:

1. Less Facts, More Jokes. Facts are not necessarily bad. However, when a teacher begins to sound like they are merely reading the definitions out of a dictionary, life gets a little boring for the student. Jokes, on the other hand, are always funny. And funny = interested students = learning.

2. Sharing YouTube Video’s. Case & point, this was email to me by a prof 2 days ago.

3. Feeding your Starving Students. In the college world, the gift of food is the best gift of all. Any food will do. But if a professor really wants to up his “cool factor,” then tacos, burgers, and home made cookies are definitely in order.

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A few years ago I bought what might be considered the coolest mountain bike on the face of the earth. Granted, I purchased it from Walmart, and yes, it is a womens bike (apparently there is a difference). But, it only cost me $28. And being a college student, cheep=good.

Overtime, however, my mountain bike has become a death trap.

Here’s why:


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If You Chop Tomatoes…

I was sitting in Common Grounds Cafe today when I overheard a conversation that caused me to stop, laugh, and ponder. Here’s a little excerpt (it’s verbatim, I wrote it down in the book I was reading):

“If you chop tomatoes for the primary purpose of glorifying God, you will be a bad tomato chopper.”

Stop: What? Did I just hear people talk about chopping tomatoes for the glory of God?

Laugh: Yea, I did. And that’s hilarious! In fact, that’s probably the funniest thing I’ve heard all day. I love that I live in a place where I overhear conversations that tie together the art of chopping tomatoes and theology.

Ponder: Hmm, does chopping tomatoes actually have anything to do with glorifying God? I guess so. But what? If glorifying God was our primary purpose in our everything, what would that actually look like? And would it make us better or worse at what we were doing… ponder, ponder, ponder…yup, definitely worth blogging about.

Any thoughts?

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So my roommates in college are pretty much the coolest people on the planet. Why? Well, because they do cool things. Like put my car keys in a jello while I’m away. I thought it was funny, and so I wanted to share.

In case your wondering, yes, I ate the jello the next morning for breakfast. It was delicious.

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