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So you’re looking for work… then work!

  1. Be Lazzy: Find a way to wait. Don’t bite the first job you find. Spend lots of time looking, filling out applications, and making friends.
  2. Be Apple: Don’t just go… go with a cool iphone. Make it look like you want the job, but don’t need the job. Apple/Mac don’t hire people looking for jobs, they hire cool “apple profile” people. What is that profile? …friendly, put-together, cooler than PC.
  3. Be Proficient: WH@T! Have a plan to sell yourself, sell the company, and sell your advancement. Anyone can find a workers, but good managers are looking for people to promote in 7months. Why? So then they can get promoted and the pieces will be in place. Proficient is doing, being, saying, and knowing whatever your boss wants. (Pro~Good; Ficient~Able:::Good and Able!)

Yup, got to work!

4. Ask your mom, for seriously.

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I Heart Superman B.O.

ok. is anyone else laughing? Our president-to-be



has the initials B.O…

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Artificiali -> a technical term to describe and Oxford Moron. aka Oxi-moron.


Artifiliali stems from Artificial I. Or Artificial Intellegence. Now, AI is either Artificial. Or Intellegent.

How? Artificial means not real. and Intellegent IS real.

Therefore. AI is an oxi-moron. Artificial Intellegence is not a reality. AI is a “suchi-kick”

Or as I have said before… “an unintentional puni”



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Successful Failure

Today was a day of successful failure.

I had a job interview today and everything went great. My interviewer thought well of my resume, liked my references, and enjoyed our conversation. But unfortunately, the job was already filled. So while I didn’t get the job, I did succeed in failing (well, at least in part).


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College is about more than just classes. It’s about growing up, meeting friends, and eating top Ramen noodles. People no longer just go to college, they experience college – and Top Ramen is part of that experience. Some woule even say that Top Ramen noodles are the substance of college. In fact, this post is actually inspired (yes, Ramen is inspiring) by the 16 bags of Ramen I bought less then 2 hours ago.

Top Ramen

But what exactly should a college student do with 12 cent bag Top Ramen? And what sort of potential Top Ramen dangers are there?


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