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Artificiali -> a technical term to describe and Oxford Moron. aka Oxi-moron.


Artifiliali stems from Artificial I. Or Artificial Intellegence. Now, AI is either Artificial. Or Intellegent.

How? Artificial means not real. and Intellegent IS real.

Therefore. AI is an oxi-moron. Artificial Intellegence is not a reality. AI is a “suchi-kick”

Or as I have said before… “an unintentional puni”




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As promised, this is me keeping you in the loop.

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Happy Birthday Matt!

It’s Matt Wilcoxen’s  (or MaWilcoxen) B-Day today (23). And my B-day tomorrow (22). Which means PARTY tonight! Sushi. Games. Friends. Fun. And of course, cake. 

Consider the following birthday song a pre-party shout-out to Matt:


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Welcome to the BBQ

To make a long story short, what started out as a BBQ turned out to be more of a beef-burning grease fire:

Overall the BBQ was a good time and the food wasn’t too chared. That, and we finished of the night with a hillarious 15 person game of Apples 2 Apples.

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Here at Biola University there is a small handful of exceptionally cool professors, whose names will withheld as to not arouse the jealousy of the “not quite as cool as the cool professors” professors.

The 3 primary factors in achieving such superior status on campus are:

1. Less Facts, More Jokes. Facts are not necessarily bad. However, when a teacher begins to sound like they are merely reading the definitions out of a dictionary, life gets a little boring for the student. Jokes, on the other hand, are always funny. And funny = interested students = learning.

2. Sharing YouTube Video’s. Case & point, this was email to me by a prof 2 days ago.

3. Feeding your Starving Students. In the college world, the gift of food is the best gift of all. Any food will do. But if a professor really wants to up his “cool factor,” then tacos, burgers, and home made cookies are definitely in order.

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While at the Zoo, my roommate Adam had some inspirational thoughts about Santa’s Rain-deer during the off-season (otherwise known as: everyday except Christmas Eve).

I thought is was wrong to put rain-deer behind bars, but apparently it’s just part of the natural rain-deer rhythm.

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I went to the zoo the other day and I caught this video of a polar bear.

If I had some video editing software I’d put some fun music in the background, but maybe next time.

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